The sights and sounds of running water are naturally soothing. Humans are instinctively calm watching water features. The peace and tranquility provided by your slice of paradise will provide years of joy. There is inherent beauty in nature. Your outdoor oasis will be the relaxing sanctuary that will help you rejuvenate.  

Approximately 3 minutes per week (that you can easily do yourself). We specialize in low-maintenance natural ponds which are designed to be self-sustaining mini-ecosystems. Simply empty the skimmer net of any debris, add some beneficial bacteria, and get back to enjoying your Slice of Paradise.

We recommend running your pump 24/7. It is a living ecosystem that thrives with the circulation and flow it is designed for. We use high-efficiency water pumps that typically run between $30 and $50 per month, depending on the size of your pump.

You decide. All our ponds are custom built. While we have recommendations, the only limit is our shared vision for an effective ecosystem. No ponds that we build can ever be the same!

No! Our recommended depth of 24 inches allows Koi and Gold Fish to safely thrive through the winter months in Long Island. The top may freeze over, but with sufficient aeration, your fish will be happily "hibernating" through the coldest months.

They "chill". Once the water temperate gets below 50 degrees, their metabolism slows down, and they enter a state of torpor (which is like hibernation). They won't eat and they will be very lethargic, sleeping on the bottom of the pond (like little submarines). All that is required is to ensure there is a hole in the ice (by keeping your waterfall running or by using a floating deicer).

We all hate mosquitos. Your pond will have running water and fish in it. Those two things actually reduce the amount of mosquitos in your immediate area. Your pond will attract dragonflies, birds, and/or frogs - all of which eat mosquitos. So if you hate mosquitos, get a pond!

Wrong! There are effective products/solutions for each of these predators (except the lions, tigers, and bears). Fishing line, decoys, subtle scents, scarecrows, etc. Let's discuss the solution that works for you.

Not at all. In fact, ponds do really well with some shade.
Your pond will combine with the trees to make a perfect ecosystem. There are leaf nets that we can set up in the fall and take down in the winter, so that the pond stays pristine during the fall.    

We use professional grade rubber liners that are 45 millimeters thick. They are very durable and have a manufacturer's warranty of 25 years.

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